Formic Functions - Ant Queen of the Hill Contest

Delay ms
squares per side in zoom
Move mouse over arena to zoom.
Number of moves not yet available
Click arena to lock zoom.
Enable map editing:
When editing, clicking inside the zoomed region changes the cell color by 1 (shift to go back). Ctrl-Click to add/remove food.
Current Game
Player Food Workers
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
0 games played.
Players not yet loaded from contest post.
Tournament Leaderboard
Position (Range) Player Score Heats Avg Score Show On Map
At the end of each game, the score is the number of players whose queen holds less food.
Joint places where the order of players is not yet consistent between six subsets of the games played.
Disqualified Players
Restore Player Reason Input Response
Max players
moves per game
Override max function return time (useful for testing on a different machine): ms
Max number of ants any given player can have (range [5,200], -1 disables):
Logging to console for debugging the new challenger:
Autopause on disqualification:
Pause after moves.
Seeded random numbers (same outcome every game for debugging): Seed:

Available color palettes to help with variation in color vision:

New challenger

console.pause(), console.setDelay(ms), console.waitFor(ms), and console.printView(conditions(me)) available.

Test New Challenger Input

Function body that returns a constructed view object to be passed to the New Challenger ant method body.
This will not consume turns and will output the return in the lower box when the Test button is clicked.

Source code available on GitHub
Forked from Trichoplax's controller